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Welcome to Birte, the Newest Member of Team Dragon!

It is our absolute honour and joy to extend a gigantic Dragon Welcome to the newest member of the management team! 

Birte Kahrs, our resident graphic designer and the creative execution behind our website, has officially joined Team Dragon. She’s been doing plenty of work behind the scenes anyways that we thought we’d make it permanent.

On a super professional level, we’re excited to have Birte on the Team because she brings a HUGE amount of talent, dedication, and so many ideas to the table that make running Dragon Powered Studio that much better.

She’s already built us an entirely new website, is working on a further site update that includes our snazzy new merch store, has created some forms to keep our podcasts up-to-date and help everyone get to know our resident podcasters…

Not only that, but she’s drawn the best dragon emotes we could ever ask for. We already use them in Discord and they’ll feature heavily in our merch store, too. Can confirm seeing these baby dragons every day makes ME smile a big one!

Isn’t it amazing when someone with this much creative talent and dedication joins your cause?

Don’t know Birte?

She is self-employed as Virtual Birdy, an Online Marketing Tech Strategist, Branding Specialist, and Web Designer. And as someone (author of this blog, Amanda, speaking) who’s had a branding session with her – Birte is damn good at what she does! 

Birte, I know I’m speaking for the rest of Team Dragon when I say we are SO happy to have you here and can’t wait to see what beautiful, fiery magic we can create as a Studio as we grow!

You can find Birte hanging out in the Dragon Powered Studio Discord more often than not, occasionally on Twitch, and sometimes on Twitter and Instagram!

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