Host Of

FrazlCast, Be Great TODAY and The Frazley Report


From Slime Time to the Fire Line, our resident gnome is jack of all trades at the Studio. Frazley is an avid podcaster and community supporter who always looks on the positive side of life. If you don’t see him live on Twitch, he’s probably on his daily quest for 10,000 steps, levelling another alt in World of Warcraft, or working on his communications degree.

Where in the World

Dublin, OH - The Home of Wendy’s Hamburgers

Top 3 Games

1: World of Warcraft 2: Spy Fox 3: Minecraft

Favourite Podcasts

The School of Podcasting, Sleep With Me Podcast, The Story Behind Podcast

Favourite Snack

Beanboozled Beans when Twitch chat makes me eat them