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Five Point Five (Re)Joins Dragon Powered Studio!

After taking a super short 3-year break, our resident movie review podcast, Five Point Five, has returned and, dare we say, is better than ever!?

Season 1 had Team Dragon members, Marty, Thom, and Amanda reviewing 5.5 rated movies The latest Season 2 sees the crew welcome a new co-host to the fold! Birte comes in to even out the ranks.

Not sure what Five Point Five is? It’s a podcast that reviews 5.5 rated movies from This crew picks the best of the worst, or is it the worst of the best, to watch and review so you don’t have to!

These hosts bravely wander the side streets of Hollywood hiding these totally average films to reveal what might be a hidden gem they KNOW you’re going to love…. Or… a film you should stay far, far away from.

Some of the past “gems” they’ve uncovered are Baywatch (2017), How To Plan an Orgy in a Small Town, Superbob, and Pompeii.

Each host gives an epic one sentence review that sums up the movie in, you guessed it, one sentence! This is absolutely followed up with the lowdown of the cast and crew – usually accompanied by thoughts of how much each reviewer loved so and so in such and such movie! Honestly, it’s the most eloquent podcast ever.

They also give some damn insightful thoughts about these films, it’s not ALL fun and games!

Five Point Five welcomes guests to bring their unique views to the film reviews. And it wouldn’t be Five Point Five if the guests didn’t have to choose the movie and give the show’s introduction!

So what’ll it be? Will you stick, bump, or bust this show?

Find Five Point Five on your favourite podcast player or in one of these places:


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