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Character Craft joins Dragon Powered Studio!

We’re so happy to welcome Character Craft to our ranks of wonderful niche podcasts!

You might be thinking – wow, another World of Warcraft show? And, yes, you’d be right! It IS another World of Warcraft podcast!

But the hosts of Character Craft, Rig and Cuffy, have been hanging out with Dragon Powered Studio for a few months now and we’ve enjoyed their company literally so much that when their application came through, it was the easiest YES JOIN US we’ve ever given.

But Character Craft isn’t any old World of Warcraft podcast. This show focuses on the – you guessed it – characters in the game! NPCs and player characters alike.

We’ve been getting into all kinds of discussions in Discord about what makes a good character, how to create a character to roleplay with, and why we like one character better than another.

Character Craft wanted to join Dragon Powered Studio because of the banter we have while playing games together, first and foremost. Isn’t that the sign of a good fit? When we can all laugh and have those mad bants together 😀

They’re also keen to get more support and advice on this whole podcasting journey we’re all on as well as streaming on Twitch. They’ve joined the right band of troops!

We’re super excited to have Character Craft with us and think YOU should give them a follow on Twitter and show them some love!

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